If We Lost Everything Today (cont.)

As a reminder our theme for May is what we would do if we lost everything today – how would we get back on our feet and carry on paying the mortgage etc.? You see – the smart way is…
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Endives – Introduction Endives exist in two forms: Upright Batavian: these are also known as escarole and have large, broad leaves. You can use them for winter cropping.  Curly or fringed frisee: They have delicate and serrated leaves with a rosette…
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Chicory Chicory exists in three different forms: Forcing types: these are well-known for their plump leafy heads.  Red chicory: these are also known as the radicchio. They turn red in the daylight.  Non-forcing: these are also famous as sugarloaf types. They have…
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Strawberries The taste of home-grown fresh strawberries is delicious. So, you must grow them in your garden. You can grow the strawberries anywhere you want, either it’s hanging baskets, containers, or borders.  Growing Strawberries Water the plants during the growing…
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Chilli Peppers

Chilli pepper Are you going to grow your own chilli peppers? It means you have a variety of options in flavours, shapes and colours. Even it is much easier to produce them. You can grow them in in greenhouse, in…
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Marrows – Introduction You can expect a high yield marrow crop because marrows are easy to grow. They resemble large courgettes. I actually let some of my courgettes grow big and treat them as marrows. Sowing Marrows The best growing…
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Sweetcorn – Introduction Sweetcorn is super delicious. You can eat it fresh or with a slab of butter. The unique benefit of these tall plants is that they act as a windbreak.   Where we live in Norfolk, they grow sweetcorn…
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Turnip – Introduction The turnip is a versatile vegetable. You can use its young roots for various purposes and in different ways. For instance, you can eat it raw, roast it or add it to stews. Moreover, you can also…
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Aubergines – Introduction Cultivars of Aubergines with smaller fruits increase their popularity. These cultivars of the Aubergines also grow quickly. These plants love the warmer environment. Therefore, it is better to grow the aubergines in the greenhouse.     Sowing Aubergines Sow…
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Chard Chard, also known as leaf beet, has leaf stalks of bright colours. So, it is also an aesthetic plant that is also easy to grow. Although it’s similar to spinach, sowing chard once produces the crop for several months.…
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Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes – Introduction The higher amounts (1.5 times) of vitamin C and higher calories in sweet potatoes than the ordinary garden potato makes it interesting.  Warmer climates are well known for growing sweet potatoes. But now you can also…
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Tomatoes – Introduction It’s simple to grow tomatoes. You can firstly sow them indoors and then shift them outdoors into a sheltered and sunny spot. You can plant diverse tomatoes types, from full-flavoured giant beefsteaks types to tiny black, red…
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