Gooseberries grow easily in the UK and thrive in different soil types. Sunny sites are their favourite. You can grow stems as cordons, bushes or along the wall. Not only this, you can even grow them in containers.   Growing Gooseberries…
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A ripe fig tree beautifies your garden. Hardy cultivars are best to grow the figs outdoors successfully. However, protection is a must for figs in winter in the UK and, as such, grows well in containers that you can move…
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Sweet Peppers

Sweet peppers are famous as bell peppers. Believe it or not, they are from the nightshade family. The actual collective name “sweet pepper” encompasses peppers with mild spicy and sweet or fruity flavour. These include edibles like bell peppers, pimientos…
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Swede is the well-known term for Swedish turnip. It is a winter vegetable that requires both cool and moist weather to grow well. In total, there are three types of swede. These are more commonly known as bronze tops, green…
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Along with its delicious taste, spinach can be grown very easily. Besides, you can harvest it throughout the year by sowing different cultivars. A sunny location is a must for winter cultivars. On the other hand, a little shade is…
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Being a highly reliable fruit for gardeners, it provides positively delicious and plump fruit. You can either eat them immediately off the tree or make crumbles, pies and jams from it.   Growing Damsons Use fleece to cover the flowering plants…
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Rhubarb is easily identifiable by its large leaves with greenish, red or pink stalks. You can use its colourful stalks in crumbles, pies and as dessert.  The stems are ready to pick in spring. However, you can get an early…
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The unique flavour of shallots makes them a favourite for pickling and cooing. This vegetable is available in various varieties in different shapes and sizes. They are not demanding and just need fertile and well-drained soil for better growth.  Sowing…
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Grapes Welcome your guests with attractive grapevines at your garden’s entrance. You can train grapevines on trellis, walls, and arches. The great thing about grapevines is that you don’t need much space to grow them.  Growing The grapevines need sunlight…
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Gardening Jobs July

It is said that if you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. However, when you have a garden, there are other things you need. Gardening is a full-time job, and it can be fun if…
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Runner Beans

Runner beans are a delightful veg plot staple that is distinctively British. These vines are simple to grow and yield a large crop in a short space. Over several months, the lovely red or white blossoms are followed by a…
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Citrus Fruits

As you are well aware, the weather conditions that we experience in Britain are not very suitable for citrus outside. However, you can grow them in pots. You can place them outdoors in summer and inside in winter. If you…
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