When grown as small trees, sweet cherries develop as tasty fruit. You can train them against fences or walls and grow them in containers. They don’t even need a pollination partner if you have picked a self-fertile cultivar.  Grow your…
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It’s All About the Bees…Some Amazing Honeybee Facts

Bees are extraordinary creatures. We take bees for granted, yet without them, the human race would be in serious trouble, with regard to their food sources. Check out these amazing facts: Apis mellifera is another name for the bee. In…
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Gardening jobs June

Gardening Jobs June: The jasmine is in full bloom, the roses are blooming, and the days are getting longer. Finally, it is time to get outside! There are numerous gardening jobs to do in your garden during June. These include:…
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Radishes are a vegetable that you can harvest in the fourth week of sowing. It means it’s quick and easy to get results when you are growing radishes. Furthermore, children seem to love growing them as they are so quick…
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The beautiful autumn colours of the blueberries are extremely attractive to the home grower. However, when it comes to taste, the fruit is super delicious and packed with antioxidants.  You can grow them either in containers or in garden borders. …
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Blackcurrants grow easily. They produce dark purple bunches in mid-summer. Rich in Vitamin C, blackcurrants feature a slightly ‘tart’ flavour. So, you can use it for cordials, jams, and pies. If you want to grow blackcurrants and don’t have enough…
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Growing pumpkins is great fun – especially if you get the kids on board with the project, with a prize for the biggest one. You will be rewarded with really lovely plants if you give the proper growing conditions to…
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Potatoes are such versatile vegetables. As you know, you can use them as a staple for numerous meals. Besides, you can also use them in multiple forms such as baked, chipped, mashed and boiled.  They are classified as both maincrops…
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The Pollinator Garden

Planning to transform your garden into a pollinator garden – a vital fast food takeaway for Britain Bees and other beneficial bugs?? If yes, it will be a significant step in the revival of the declining population of wild bees…
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Blackberries and hybrid berries Homegrown cultivated blackberries come with more yield. You can train the blackberries and hybrid berries in various ways. For example, you can train them on trellis, pergolas, and arches and along fences and walls. You can…
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Do you want to enjoy the maximum sweetness of peas? Try freshly picked ones from your garden (if you haven’t already!) They have truly exceptional taste and flavour. Of the different varieties, Sugar Snap and mangetout are the varieties that…
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Gardening Jobs to Do – May

The month of May has come, and the days get longer and warmer. Finally, summer is approaching, which means it is time to spruce up spring plants, grow summer flowers, and start thinking about autumn plans. In May, there are…
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