10 Garden Pests, and How to Control or Manage Them

A garden is an ecosystem with different flora and fauna. Garden pests and insects are also part of it. Even though some of them help in pollination, some others can cause damage to your garden. As a gardener, you need…
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5 Gardening Jobs to do Weekly to Save Time Later on

Are you overwhelmed by the seemingly endless list of gardening jobs? There are five essential jobs that I do on a weekly basis because they save time later – and they can save you time too. So let’s run through…
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6 Tips For Growing Great Garlic

Garlic is part of the Allium family. It is related to onions, shallots and leeks. It’s an indispensable ingredient in most of our dishes, so it’s convenient to have around the kitchen. With many health benefits, it’s no wonder why…
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7 Gardening Myths Investigated

There are many gardening myths, misconceptions or just misinformation that’s passed around a lot on the internet. Perhaps you’ve heard some from family or friends. Or maybe you’ve even told some of this to family and friends. But what I…
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All About The Use of Bonemeal Fertiliser

If you have been investigating ways to fertilise your garden, you must have come across bonemeal fertiliser. You may have heard someone praising its effectiveness for the growing plants, or read about it somewhere.  Now that you are here, let’s…
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This article is all about a fabulous, often overlooked plant – comfrey. I cant actually grow much comfrey myself due to a lack of spare space (all my extra ground was used for a wildflower garden this year. See photos…
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Companion Planting

Companion planting is the process of growing two or more plants together in a garden that enjoy each other’s company. It is beneficial for bringing diversity and, at the same time, sustainability. It is also helpful in increasing productivity and…
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Compost – How to Create A Perfect Compost in 2021

Composting is the process of decomposing biodegradable waste materials. As per WRAP, the UK generates 9.5 million food waste every year. They end up in landfills and cause the emission of greenhouse gases. Here, we will walk you through the…
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Container Growing for Confined Spaces

If you live in an urban environment with not much garden or do not have enough space for a veg plot, you can still create a beautiful garden. Through this, you can attain self-sufficiency and grow the vegetables you need…
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Damping Off, and How To Overcome it

Do you know what damping off is? It would be best if you studied this article, as damping off could affect a high percentage of the seedlings that you are trying to grow. As such, you could use a large…
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Easy Organic Gardening for Beginners

Gardening can help us become self-sufficient, and it can enhance sustainability. However, the methods you adopt for creating a garden are also essential. Organic gardening is an excellent way to start forming a healthy environment for plants to thrive and…
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Hotbin Composting

Have you ever heard of Hotbin Composting? It is a great way of getting compost for your veg plot. You simply feed the bin with all your kitchen scraps, and it heats up the waste to produce wonderful compost really…
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