Hotbin Composting

Have you ever heard of Hotbin Composting? It is a great way of getting compost for your veg plot. You simply feed the bin with all your kitchen scraps, and it heats up the waste to produce wonderful compost really…
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How to Make Natural Fertiliser

Natural fertilisers and pesticides are great alternatives to synthetic and inorganic chemicals. Natural and organically made fertilisers and pesticides are essential to protect biodiversity, the environment, beneficial organisms in the growing spaces, and ecosystem functioning. Moreover, these are essential to…
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The Stinging Nettle – an Amazing Plant (updated 2021)

This will hopefully prove to be an interesting subject where we investigate an incredible wild plant, the stinging nettle. Bear with me whilst I take you through it, because I promise you that you will never look at this weed…
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Vermiculture: A Fascinating Guide to Worm Farming in 2021

What is Vermiculture? Vermiculture, or worm farming, is an alternative to the traditional ways of composting. It is also a fascinating project – one that you can get children involved with too. With Vermiculture, you are growing or rearing worms…
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