Apples are one of the easiest fruits to grow and are the favourite of gardeners. The thousand or so types fall into the following main categories: Cookers: used for cooking.Dessert: used for eating.Dual purpose: can be both cooked and eaten. Growing Apples Although…
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Apricots grown in the home have exceptional and juicy flavours. Some of its cultivars can be grown in cooler climates. You can grow them as pyramid trees, bushes, or fans.   Growing Apricots Protect the plants with horticulture fleece to avoid…
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Blackberries and hybrid berries Homegrown cultivated blackberries come with more yield. You can train the blackberries and hybrid berries in various ways. For example, you can train them on trellis, pergolas, and arches and along fences and walls. You can…
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Blackcurrants grow easily. They produce dark purple bunches in mid-summer. Rich in Vitamin C, blackcurrants feature a slightly ‘tart’ flavour. So, you can use it for cordials, jams, and pies. If you want to grow blackcurrants and don’t have enough…
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The beautiful autumn colours of the blueberries are extremely attractive to the home grower. However, when it comes to taste, the fruit is super delicious and packed with antioxidants.  You can grow them either in containers or in garden borders. …
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When grown as small trees, sweet cherries develop as tasty fruit. You can train them against fences or walls and grow them in containers. They don’t even need a pollination partner if you have picked a self-fertile cultivar.  Grow your…
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Citrus Fruits

As you are well aware, the weather conditions that we experience in Britain are not very suitable for citrus outside. However, you can grow them in pots. You can place them outdoors in summer and inside in winter. If you…
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Being a highly reliable fruit for gardeners, it provides positively delicious and plump fruit. You can either eat them immediately off the tree or make crumbles, pies and jams from it.   Growing Damsons Use fleece to cover the flowering plants…
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A ripe fig tree beautifies your garden. Hardy cultivars are best to grow the figs outdoors successfully. However, protection is a must for figs in winter in the UK and, as such, grows well in containers that you can move…
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Gages are a highly reliable fruit for gardeners. They provide positively delicious plump fruit. Gages are related to plums but grow better in southern areas of the UK.  You can either eat the fresh fruits or make the crumbles, pies…
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Gooseberries grow easily in the UK and thrive in different soil types. Sunny sites are their favourite. You can grow stems as cordons, bushes or along the wall. Not only this, you can even grow them in containers.   Growing Gooseberries…
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Grapes Welcome your guests with attractive grapevines at your garden’s entrance. You can train grapevines on trellis, walls, and arches. The great thing about grapevines is that you don’t need much space to grow them.  Growing The grapevines need sunlight…
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