Angelica, with its aniseed flavour, is mainly found at the banks of the river. However, this herb can also be a great addition to your herb garden. If you are considering growing this plant in your kitchen, it might not…
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Anise is an excellent plant to grow in indoor areas, especially in cold weather conditions. It looks beautiful in your plant collection with its purple flowers. You can also use it in your food to get the subtle taste of…
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Basil is a tender annual plant that is easy to grow. It can be raised from the seed and harvested in the same year when it, which means the lifespan of the Basil plant is one year. However, if you…
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Bay Laurel (Bay Leaf Tree)

Also known as Laurus Nobilis, the Bay Leaf tree can grow to a considerable height and girth if not looked after. It can reach a dizzy height of 40 ft. The leaves of this tree have a very pleasant aroma…
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Borage (and 15 ways to use it)

Most people think that Borage can only be used in drinks, but it has several more uses. The plant has a cucumber-like smell, so adding it to salads is not a bad idea. Moreover, you can also add it with…
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Chervil is an attractive plant that can proliferate. Typically, chervil is ready to harvest after eight weeks. The leaves of this plant are fern-like; Chervil (Anthriscus cerefolium) is a cool-season annual and develops anywhere from 12 to 24 inches tall…
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Coriander (known by the name of ‘Cilantro’ in the USA) may be cultivated either for its leaves or for its seeds. Varieties are bred to do both better, so the choice of variety is essential. A seed variety will form…
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Dill is a popular annual, self-cultivating plant with feathery green leaves. It is most often used in soups and stews or for pickling (as in Dill Cucumbers). Interestingly, I live in a village called Dilham, in the wilds of Norfolk.…
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This wonderful plant (Foeniculum Vulgare) may be declared both a spice and a vegetable, and it is used in cooking and as a medicine As such, apart from appearing in numerous dishes, it has been applied back in time for…
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Garlic is botanically a vegetable, although it is widely known and used as a herb. It is an easy and satisfying crop to produce. In addition to its exceptional flavour and culinary uses, “the fragrant rose” is acceptable in gardening…
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Horseradish is a tough, cold-resistant perennial plant that does best where there is a proper winter, for some reason. There are half a dozen plants that I would class as easy to grow, rugged, and seems to thrive in any…
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Lemon Balm

The lemon balm plant (botanical name Melissa officinalis) is a plant that comes from the mint family (and indeed looks similar to mint) and is a popular herb. As its name suggests, it has a beautiful lemon smell, so some…
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