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December To Do

At the start of winter, the garden may appear dormant, but there are still tasks to be done. Here are some important activities for December: ? Harvest winter vegetables like Brussels sprouts, parsnips, and other hardy crops that have been…
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November To Do

As winter approaches, there are still tasks to be done in the garden. Here are some important activities for November: ? Begin the winter pruning of fruit trees to maintain their shape, remove dead or diseased branches, and promote healthy…
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October To Do

As autumn settles in, the garden undergoes a transformation. Here are some essential tasks to carry out in October: ? Refill bird feeders regularly to provide nourishment for our feathered friends. As natural food sources become scarcer, your bird feeders…
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September To Do

As summer transitions into autumn, the garden still offers a wealth of opportunities. Here are some important tasks to carry out in September: ? Once the tassels on your sweet corn have turned brown, it's time to check whether the…
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August To Do

As summer reaches its peak, the garden is filled with an abundance of flavours and colours. Here are some tasks to keep your garden thriving in August: ? Harvest garlic bulbs that have matured and dried adequately. Once the foliage…
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July To Do

The sun shines bright, and the garden is abundant with nature's gifts. Here are some essential tasks to carry out in July: ? Harvest the garlic bulbs you planted last year. When the foliage turns brown and starts to dry,…
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June To Do

The garden is thriving, and summer is in full swing. Here are some tasks to keep your garden abundant and flourishing: ? Direct sow carrots specifically for autumn and winter harvest. Choose varieties that are suitable for longer growing seasons…
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May To Do

The garden is flourishing, and the warmer weather beckons us outside. Let's embrace the abundance of May and tend to our growing spaces: ? Harvest asparagus spears when they reach around 6-8 inches in height. Cut them just below the…
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April To Do

As spring blooms around us, the garden beckons us to delve deeper into its enchantment. Here are some additional tasks to keep you busy in April: ? Continue planting potatoes, ensuring they are placed in well-prepared soil with adequate spacing.…
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March to Do

Spring has arrived, and the garden is awakening with new life. Let's dive into the tasks for this exciting month: ? Prune gooseberries and red and white currants. Begin by removing deadwood, then spur prune all side shoots back to…
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