Chard Chard, also known as leaf beet, has leaf stalks of bright colours. So, it is also an aesthetic plant that is also easy to grow. Although it’s similar to spinach, sowing chard once produces the crop for several months.…
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Chicory Chicory exists in three different forms: Forcing types: these are well-known for their plump leafy heads.  Red chicory: these are also known as the radicchio. They turn red in the daylight.  Non-forcing: these are also famous as sugarloaf types. They have…
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Chilli Peppers

Chilli pepper Are you going to grow your own chilli peppers? It means you have a variety of options in flavours, shapes and colours. Even it is much easier to produce them. You can grow them in in greenhouse, in…
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Courgette plants proliferate and fruit in abundance. You can pick the fruit three to four times a week if the weather is pleasant. However, the spreading nature of these plants demands a space of one square metre/yard each. If you’re…
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Cucumbers taste awesome when grown in the home garden or allotment. You can grow it in warm sheltered spots and in greenhouses. However, the exact space for sowing depends on the variety of the cucumber. Sowing Cucumber You can sow…
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Endives – Introduction Endives exist in two forms: Upright Batavian: these are also known as escarole and have large, broad leaves. You can use them for winter cropping.  Curly or fringed frisee: They have delicate and serrated leaves with a rosette…
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French Beans

French beans grow quickly and taste superb. Therefore, you can make delicious finger food for your children. Moreover, various colours of the beans, such as cream, yellow, purple, and green, attract the kids a lot.    Sowing French Beans French…
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Garlic is botanically a vegetable, although it is widely known and used as a herb. It is an easy and satisfying crop to produce. In addition to its exceptional flavour and culinary uses, “the fragrant rose” is acceptable in gardening…
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Kale’s nutritional value is the reason for its fame. The other name of Kale is borecole.  The best thing about the Kale is that it is more cold-resistant than other brassicas. It can also grow in light-shaded space. Moreover, it…
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Kohlrabi belongs to the brassica family and resembles sputnik. Its nutty flavour and delicious smell offer you a real treat if you like your greens. It thrives where turnips and swedes fail because it is more resistant to drought than…
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The Leek is a delicious vegetable that grows in winter. Although it grows easily, it requires your attention. You can sow it in a seedbed or a container. However, you can transplant it to its final location after some time.  …
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Multiple flavours, textures and colours of the lettuce plant will never leave your salads boring. The good news is they are so very easy to grow.  You will find two main types of lettuce in the market. Heart lettuces –…
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