Container Growing for Confined Spaces

Container Growing for Confined Spaces

If you live in an urban environment with not much garden or do not have enough space for a veg plot, you can still create a beautiful garden. Through this, you can attain self-sufficiency and grow the vegetables you need for your household requirements. Let’s go through the different ways by which you can start growing vegetables in confined spaces using the container growing method.

Benefits of container growing veg

Whether it be radish or baby carrots, these vegetables can thrive in small gardens even when you grow them in containers. Here are some benefits associated with this form of gardening.

· You do not require a lot of space to sow and cultivate a wide variety of fresh vegetables and herbs, if you opt for container gardening.

· You can opt for organic container growing methods to enhance the nutritional value of the crop yield.

· For growing plants in a container, you do not have to spend a lot of money. Besides that, you can have personal control over your plants with ease.

· You can place these plants together or separate them and keep them in different places based on the space you have.

· Weed growth will be lower, and when it comes to watering the plant, the requirement is also less.

· The plants suffering from diseases are less in this method of cultivation. Apart from that, it is a cost-effective method too.

What can you grow in containers?

You can cultivate a wide range of plants with the container growing method. First, however, ensure that you are furnishing them with an ample amount of nutrients. For that purpose, you can use organic compost, manure, or soil mix. 

When it comes to growing vegetables, it is best to opt for a soil mix. However, here are some plants that you can grow in confined spaces with the container growing method.

· Lettuce is an excellent salad crop variety that you can include in your garden. Once you sow the seeds in the ground, lettuces grow fast. First, however, ensure that you provide them with the required amount of nutrition by using composts.

· When it comes to other oriental salad varieties that you can cultivate in your garden, they include mustard leaves, mizuna, pak choi, etc. You can cut and use them again for a long duration via container growing.

· Radish is a crop that is easy to grow as it only takes four weeks for its harvest once you sow the seeds.

· Other vegetables you can grow in your garden include carrots, spring onions, beetroots, peas, tomatoes, potatoes, beans, etc. The list is endless.

Apart from vegetables, you can always grow flowering plants in containers. Besides that, you can opt for companion planting to enhance soil fertility and crop yield.

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How can you look after crops via container growing?

Once you have planted your crops, you will need to take care of them to ensure they grow well. For a start, water the plants regularly for the seeds to settle down. It would be beneficial when it comes to their germination and growth. Ensure that the soil does not dry out due to a lack of moisture. To ensure it doesn’t, use mulching, composting, leaf moulds etc., to enhance water retention. 

At the height of the season, make sure you use a good natural fertiliser once a week

Check the plants from time to time to ensure they are growing well and have sufficient water. Poking your finger into the earth up to the first joint can help you understand whether it is dry or wet.

Even though weed growth can be less, you have to remove it if you find any in the container. Besides that, you have to look for other pests as well to avoid infestation. 

If you find any plants that show disease, you can remove them. Another option is to treat your plants if they have any such problems.

When it comes to harvesting crops, you can use pruners, knives, or scissors. However, it is best to do so early and when they have reached the size. Through this, you can avoid the chances of losing any crop yield. 

These are the different aspects to consider while growing crops in confined spaces. Regardless of the plants you choose for your garden, you have to water the plants regularly and take care of them. Through this, you can keep them healthy and increase crop yield.

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