Gardening jobs June

Gardening jobs June

Gardening Jobs June: The jasmine is in full bloom, the roses are blooming, and the days are getting longer. Finally, it is time to get outside! There are numerous gardening jobs to do in your garden during June. These include: aerating and mowing/strimming lawns, weeding flower beds, and edging borders. 

But what about all of those other tasks that need doing? We’ve put together a list of gardening jobs for you to complete this month.

Gardening Jobs June -Timely Tips

  1. One of the most important tricks in having a bountiful garden is watering your plants correctly. The best way for you to water them is by checking on the plants daily so that you can see when they need more or less water according to their size and type. Be sure to check on their needs every day – especially newly planted fruit trees and shrubs that are still getting established – but also make sure they don’t get overwatered as well. Too much moisture will destroy even healthy roots if given ample opportunity, whilst dry soil can lead to disease. It is a delicate balance. 
  2. Prepare your greenhouse plants for the outdoors by hardening them off outside in good weather.
  3. Remember to keep your greenhouse cool and comfortable with shade paints or blinds. You can also open the vent windows. They will allow in the fresh air and prevent your greenhouse from getting too hot. It is easy to install automatic vents. We wouldn’t be without them.
  4. The soil is often littered with weeds that steal valuable water, light, and nutrients from your plants. Keep them in check by pulling out the root of any weed you find and then dispose of it to stop its spread. It is best to do it when the ground is dry. 

Gardening Jobs June – The Flower Garden

  1. Try and move your plants hanging in the greenhouse to their final position if the weather allows it. If they become leggy, trim them back so that new shoots can grow from a bushy base!
  2. Bunches of hardy annual plants often need thinning. If they’re overcrowded, periodically remove some to promote their growth and health.
  3. Planting bulbs in the autumn can be a great way to spruce up your yard. At this time of the year, lift and divide clumps of snowdrops and bluebells once their leaves start to turn yellow.
  4. Wait for the bulb foliage to die down naturally before cutting back. It is important to allow time for bulbs in other parts of your garden, but they still need tending and care as they will also be starting up their growth cycle.
  5. The fuchsia, with its many rich colours and high petal count, is a favourite amongst gardeners. It is my favourite plant, along with lavender. To encourage your fuchsias to grow fuller plants that produce more flowers, pinch out the tips of their stems once they’re about 12 inches tall.
  6. If you’re a lover of sweet peas, now is the time to start picking them! The plants will produce more blooms if they are harvested early.

Gardening Jobs June – The Vegetable Garden

  1. As the sun shines down on your potatoes growing, you should continue to pull the earth up around them carefully. This will help keep moisture in and keep pests out of their reach. It also stops the potatoes from going green.
  2. Container potatoes may seem like they need a lot of watering, but you want to avoid overwatering them as this will compact the soil and prevent the new plants from thriving. Avoid over-compacting your compost so that there is plenty of oxygen for all plant roots.
  3. You can pinch out any side shoots from your tomato plants. Make sure that once the first truss is setting fruit, give them a good dose of fertiliser so that they continue producing throughout the season.
  4. Harvest salad crops, and sow them every two weeks to enjoy the delicious taste of lettuce throughout your growing season.
  5. Cabbage root flies can be a nuisance for cabbages, but don’t fret. Planting brassica collars will prevent cabbage fly infestation, as will protecting your crops with netting.
  6. Harvest your first potatoes about ten weeks after you plant them. The earlier, the better, but unless it’s a late spring planting, they’re not going to be ready much before that time comes around. If necessary, you can leave them in the ground a little longer until you need them.
  7. When you see your onion and garlic leaves going yellow, it is time to take them out of the earth. Save a little bit of soil in the pot with each plant by loosening some dirt around its roots. This will keep all those nutrients inside so that they are not wasted.
  8. The long summer days are finally here. Start planting those tender vegetables like squash, courgettes, tomatoes and sweet corn that you’ve been dreaming about all winter.
  9. You can protect your crops from carrot fly by covering them with horticultural fleece. Or simply plant some spring onions and aromatic herbs near them as this confuses the pests. We do it every year and never have a problem.

Gardening jobs June – The Fruit Garden

  1. Your plum trees might start looking droopy and thirsty, with the leaves beginning to curl. It’s time for you to get your shears ready so that they are cut back before winter starts in earnest because it can become a chore if left too late.
  2. Fruit trees can drop fruits (called the ‘June Drop’) to make room for bigger and better ones, but you should also thin out congested branches to get even more of that delicious fruit.
  3. Squirrels and birds can eat all of your fruits! Protect the plants by surrounding them with netting so that they cannot get to them.


It is time to start planning your garden for the summer. If you have a large plot of land, it might be best to create a plan before planting. Figure out how much space is needed between crops according to the types of plants grown in each area. You may also want to ponder over adding some ornamental shrubs and flowers around your property boundary line if there isn’t enough colour already. 

For more information or assistance with this article, or if you want to add something that you feel is relevant, we would love to hear from you via the Contact Us page.

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