Hotbin Composting

Hotbin Composting

Have you ever heard of Hotbin Composting?

It is a great way of getting compost for your veg plot. You simply feed the bin with all your kitchen scraps, and it heats up the waste to produce wonderful compost really quickly.

Here is a quick overview:

Easy to use, the compact HOTBIN has a 200-litre capacity yet occupies the same space as a wheelie-bin. Steaming away at up to 60°c the HOTBIN speeds up your food and garden waste recycling producing compost.

The HOTBIN comes with a number of useful accessories to help produce your own rich, crumbly compost in 30 – 90 days.

Add waste into the HOTBIN with a bulking agent (shredded paper) for aeration and shredded paper to balance moisture. Then watch the heat rise on the thermometers and see how quickly your waste pile reduces!

Watch the full video to see how it works. If you are an avid gardener, you will want one of these!

I was initially undecided, but I was sold on the fact that it took up very little space, and I can move it anywhere. It does not smell at all, and no matter how much kitchen waste we feed it, the pile never seems to get any higher.

Grass cuttings, leaves – everything goes in there.

It also acts as a wormery – my bin now has loads of worms, basking in their steaming compost sauna. (If the temperature gets too hot, the worms will die. Most make their way to the bottom of the bin where it is cooler).

Yes, the initial cost is high (go for the bigger one – don’t skimp) and you can produce wonderful compost all year round. It loves anything – even meat and bones! Mind you, that bit doesn’t sit well with me, so I do not add any meats or bones. I am old fashioned – compost is made from vegetation.

NOTE: I also bought an office paper shredder, which all the junk mail etc. goes in. You need to add the shredded paper to the kitchen waste in order for it to compost properly.

I also put in a handful of accelerator, that I buy from Soilfixer. It really does help to create fantastic compost, and it is advisable to add a bulking agent. I use this instead.

Hope it helps. I wouldn’t be without mine now!

If you want any more information, or have any questions about this type of composting, I would be happy to help from a users point of view (I am NOT an agent for Hotbin) Simply contact me through the Contact page

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