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January To Do

Happy New Year, fellow gardeners! It's time to kickstart another fruitful growing season. Here's what you can do in the month of January:

? Start planning your garden layout for the year. Consider crop rotation, companion planting, and the space available.

? Order seeds and plants from catalogues or online suppliers. Explore new varieties and experiment with different crops.

? Prepare the soil by digging in compost or well-rotted manure. This will improve its structure and provide essential nutrients.

? Clean and organize your greenhouse for the upcoming growing season. Start by removing any debris, such as fallen leaves and old plant material.

? Scrub the greenhouse interior with a diluted, eco-friendly disinfectant to remove any lingering pathogens. Rinse thoroughly with water.

? Check the greenhouse glass for any dirt or grime. Use a sponge or soft cloth with warm soapy water to clean both sides of the glass. Rinse well to remove soap residue.

? Inspect the greenhouse framework and repair any damaged or loose parts. Replace broken glass panes if necessary.

? Remove any old and worn-out cloches and replace them with fresh ones to provide protection to young seedlings in the coming months.

? Prune your fruit trees in January while they are still dormant. Remove any dead, damaged, or crossing branches. Aim for an open and balanced structure, allowing sunlight and air circulation.

? Apply a dormant spray to fruit trees to control overwintering pests and diseases. Follow the instructions on the spray bottle carefully.

? Check fruit tree ties and supports to ensure they are secure and not causing damage to the trunk or branches.

? Remove any fallen fruit or debris around the base of fruit trees to prevent the spread of diseases and pests.

? Take some time to appreciate the garden during this quieter period. Reflect on the previous year's successes and learnings and envision the possibilities for the upcoming season.


Other Jobs for January:

In addition to the specific tasks for January, there are several general jobs to attend to in order to keep your garden in good shape. Here are some additional tasks to consider:

? Ventilate the greenhouse regularly to prevent moisture build-up. Opening windows and vents, even for a short time, allows fresh air to circulate and helps prevent fungal diseases that thrive in damp conditions.

? Keep birdfeeders and bird baths topped up with food and water throughout January. Winter can be challenging for birds and providing them with a reliable food source and a water supply helps support their well-being.

? Take the opportunity to clean pots and seed trays. Removing old soil, debris, and any potential pests from your containers helps maintain good hygiene and prevents the spread of diseases.

? Check tree stakes and ties to ensure they are still providing adequate support to young trees. Adjust or replace them as necessary to prevent damage from strong winter winds.

? Take a moment to inspect your tools. Clean them thoroughly and oil any moving parts to prevent rust. Sharpen secateurs and other cutting tools, ensuring they are in prime condition for the tasks ahead.

? Clean plant labels to ensure they remain legible and useful for future reference. Use a gentle cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol to remove dirt and residue from the labels.

? Check compost bins for excess moisture and turn the contents regularly to promote decomposition. If the compost is too wet, add dry materials such as straw or shredded newspaper to balance the moisture levels.

? Organize your seed collections in January and start planning your garden layout for the upcoming year. Review seed packets, make notes of what worked well and what didn't in the previous season, and envision your garden's design.

? Consider ordering new seeds to sow in the coming months. Browse through catalogues or explore online options to expand your plant varieties and add excitement to your garden.


By attending to these additional tasks, you ensure the overall health and productivity of your garden while preparing for the gardening adventures that lie ahead. Take pleasure in these moments of care and anticipation and let them fuel your enthusiasm for the gardening year to come. ???

Remember, each garden is unique, so adapt these tasks to suit your specific garden and local conditions. Happy gardening, and may your harvests be bountiful! ???


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