Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi fruits are deciduous and vigorous plants that require a sunny and sheltered place to grow. If you select a self-fertile cultivar, only one plant is enough to grow kiwi fruits. Otherwise, male and female cultivars are required to ensure a crop.


A sheltered sunny site is best to grow Kiwi fruits. But, you can also grow them in open areas with milder weather conditions. Besides, well-drained and fertile soil is best to plant the kiwi. 

  • Protect the young shoot with old net curtains or fleece in spring to avoid frost damage.  
  • Make sure the plants you have sown are 10-15 inches apart.
  • Plant both the male and female cultivars if you’re not sowing the self-fertile cultivar. 
  • Ensure that the female cultivar is 2ft away from the male cultivar.  


  • Spread well-rotted manure around the plants’ base in winter
  • Make sure the manure doesn’t come in contact with the stem as it can rot them  
  • Feed the plants with general-purpose fertilizer in spring such that there is 70g fertilizer in each square meter. 


In the UK, most of the fruits are obtained from hardy varieties. It usually takes 3-4 years to start plants fruiting. 

A warm summer is essential for Kiwi fruits to ripe. Therefore, you must pick the unripe fruits before the advent of frost. Place these fruits in a bowl indoors to ripe them. It may take several weeks for the kiwi fruits to mature. You can gently squeeze the plant to know if they are ripened or not. 

Once you have picked the fruits, you can store them in a fridge by placing them in a pierced plastic bag. 

Common problems

Wind damage and cold

Low temperatures and cold wind can damage the Plants 


Here’re some remedies that could help you prevent your plant from cold winds. 

  • Harden off the soil before you transplant the plants outdoors in sunny and sheltered locations
  • Warm the soil before plantation
  • Protect the plants with fleece and cloches
kiwi fruit

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