Lunar Gardening

Lunar Gardening

Lunar gardening is a method of planting crops based on the Moon cycle. It is also known as gardening based on the Moon. Recently, lunar gardening has become extremely popular among gardeners. However, it is a traditional method adopted by farmers from ancient days. As such, it is not ‘new’, and it is not a fashionable thing. It is as old as the hills!

We can use lunar gardening while planting vegetables, fruits, or flowers. Through this, we can get our plants in tune with the rhythm of nature. By adopting this method, we can enhance the moisture retention capacity of the soil. It is similar to how the Moon’s gravitational pull results in low and high tides in the oceans. The Moon cycle would affect the groundwater level and improve water absorption.

Besides that, moonlight might also have an impact on the germination of seeds, flowering, etc. However, there are not many scientific pieces of evidence to date. But, gardeners believe that they have seen benefits by planting following the moonlight.

When we follow a Moon-based calendar while planting our crops, it can support geotropism. Geotropism refers to how plants grow based on the gravitational force. Through this, plants grow upwards and downwards.

By following the technique of gardening based on the Moon, we can optimize sowing and harvesting. It is also highly beneficial in enhancing crop yields.

Another way is to look into the Moon’s position as per the Zodiac sign. For example, it is best to harvest crops during Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, and Aquarius. However, it is highly beneficial to perform it during Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius when pruning.

Lunar Gardening by the Moon’s Phase

There are primarily two phases of the Moon. Therefore, we can plant our crops based on them, including the waxing and waning phases.

The waxing phase refers to the time after the new Moon till the full Moon. During this time, it is best to plant crops that grow above the ground. They include corn, squash, beans, tomatoes, greens, etc. It is also suitable for annuals and flowers.

When it comes to the waning phase, it starts from the day after the full Moon to the day before the new Moon. During this time, it is best to grow crops that grow under the ground. They include potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic.

Besides that, we can divide the Moon cycle into four. It starts with the new Moon and then, we have the second quarter. Next is the full Moon, and then we have the third quarter. Then, finally, the cycle continues with the new Moon. They extend for seven days, and considering them before planting can be highly beneficial for us.

You can always refer to the Lunar Calendar by AstroSeek (below) or the Planting Calendar by Stella Natura. They explore the different aspects of planting, pruning, and harvesting based on the Moon cycle.

With the assistance of a Moon calendar, it will be easy for us to plant crops and harvest them. It contains 28 days with six gardening periods. From this, we can obtain a clear idea of when to plant, harvest, and prune our crops.

lunar gardening

The benefits of lunar gardening

As we have discussed earlier, gardening based on the Moon can help your garden in different ways. Here are some ways whereby lunar gardening can be beneficial for you.

  1. When you plant as per the phase of the Moon, it helps with the germination of seeds. The reason is that there is more moisture available during this time. Besides that, it can also be beneficial for plant growth.
  2. Lunar gardening can assist in high sap run. It occurs due to the gravitational pull caused by the Sun and Moon during the Moon phases.
  3. Through this, you can increase the crop yield. It is also beneficial in reducing the pests present in your garden. Finally, you can reduce the usage of pesticides or other products you use in your garden by doing so.

By adopting lunar gardening, you can find out the ideal time for you to sow, prune, and harvest your crops. It can also be beneficial in increasing crop yield and health. Creating a calendar based on the Moon phases would be one of the first steps you can take. So, why not start gardening through this age-old method?

Check out the FREE lunar calendar, by AstroSeek (visit their excellent website for information on what to plant, and when)

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