Organic Pest Control – 4 Must-Try Methods

Organic Pest Control – 4 Must-Try Methods

Nothing else can be more disturbing than watching bugs and insects munching on your healthy garden plants. You might be worried about how to control these invaders. 

Organic pest control is by far the best method to get rid of harmful garden insects. This method uses natural resources to eradicate or minimize the damage caused by the garden pests. By utilising organic pest control, you’ll not only save the ecosystem but will also enjoy healthy food without any traces of harmful chemicals.

Before heading over to the organic pest control ways, it is crucial to disclose the truth about organic pesticides. Though organic sprays are safe, they can also kill beneficial garden insects that are important for pollination. Plus, they can alter the soil pH by destroying the microorganisms. Moreover, the regular use of these sprays can make the crops dependent on pesticides.

 That’s why preventing harmful insects from attacking your garden is the best practice. 

Here are a few natural preventive methods of organic pest control. Have a look to know more:

Improve the Soil Health

When starting a new home garden, make sure to add sufficient organic matter to the soil. You can also enhance the quality of soil by adding natural fertilizers such as seaweed and fish emulsion. Healthy soil promotes the healthy growth of plants. And healthy plants can better fight bugs and diseases. 

Grow Crops In The Right Place

Each crop needs different amounts of sunlight exposure to thrive. Therefore, growing crops in the right place where they can receive the required amount of daylight is crucial for the survival of garden plants. A plant grown in an unsuitable area can stress out and becomes weak eventually. As a result, it becomes more fragile and vulnerable to pests and diseases.  

Invite Beneficial Insects for Organic Pest Control

Some friendly bugs can benefit your garden by preying on harmful pests. For example, ladybugs, small wasps, lacewings, and syrphid fly larvae feed on aphids. Therefore, they fall in the category of predators. 

Some insects, such as parasitic wasps, lay eggs on the nasty bugs. When the larvae start to hatch out, they feed on the host and kill the pests. Besides killing nuisance pests, beneficial insects help plants in pollination. For example, bees, butterflies, and moths are pollinators. To invite these friendly bugs to help you with organic pest control, plant wildflowers or herbs such as dill, fennel, coriander, rosemary around the borders of your crops.

Use DIY Organic Pest Control

If you have done all the preventive measures but still notice infestations on the plants, it’s time to use organic DIY pesticides. Keep reading to learn how to make organic pesticides from 100 % natural ingredients. 

organic pest control

DIY garlic spray: 

● Take ten cloves of garlic and crush them. 

● Add the crushed garlic in 1 litre of water and leave the solution overnight. 

● Strain it the next day and pour it in a spray bottle. 

● You can also add two tablespoons of vegetable oil and mild liquid soap. 

● Spray it thoroughly on plants infested by aphids and scales. 

Hot chilli pepper Spray: 

● Take two tablespoons of chilli flakes or hot chilli pepper powder. 

● Add it to 1 litre of water. Leave the solution for a few hours or overnight. 

● Pour it in a spray bottle and add one tablespoon of mild liquid soap to it.

● Spray it on the plants. 

● Be careful while handling it because hot chilli can burn your skin. Please keep it away from the eyes, mouth, and nose.

● It is an effective pest deterrent. Plus, it keeps the birds and squirrels away from plants.

Fermented Rice Spray: 

● Soak half a cup of rice in water overnight. 

● Strain the rice on the next day, and the rice water is ready. 

● You can also get rice water by boiling and straining the same amount of rice. 

● Pour this water into a glass jar. 

● Add one teaspoon of sugar and four teaspoons of milk to the mixture. 

● Cover the jar and let the mixture ferment for one week. Please keep it away from direct sunlight in an area that is neither too hot nor too cold.

● The fermented mixture will change from opaque to translucent. 

● Fermented rice spray is ready. Pour 1 to 2 quarts in a spray bottle and dilute the mix. It is also the best fertilizer for plants. It keeps the fruit flies, gnats, mealybugs, and plant lice away from plants.

Vaseline: Ants are enemies of fruit trees. The simplest way to keep the ants away is to apply some vaseline at the base of the stem of fruit trees. This way, the ants will fail to climb the tree.  

Utilising organic pest control ways not only preserve your garden’s ecosystem but also give you the satisfaction that you are not poisoning the fruits and veggies of your garden.

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