Grow Your Own Secrets

An exciting, interesting resource, where we share ideas, tips, and methods of growing produce for yourself whilst saving money and perhaps making an income from your efforts.

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Grow Your Own Secrets

Explore the secrets of growing your own produce for fun, food, and profit

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If you like gardening, you will enjoy 'Grow your Own Secrets'. We share lots of ideas that you have not thought of, plenty of tips to get the best out of your garden or allotment. We show you where to get products and information, and we pass on our stories of both the successes and the failures.

We have grown produce in both the UK and Spain, and it is amazing how different countries grow different produce using different techniques - some of which we have adopted now that we live back in the UK. We share those methods with you - along with crops that you have probably never grown before.

Many of our visitors are experienced growers themselves, and we love to share their tips etc., as we don't know everything. That's the exciting part of growing - new varieties, new methods, old ways revamped.

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Let's get growing and have some fun too!

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