Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening – a Great Way to Grow Crops in 2021

Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening – a Great Way to Grow Crops in 2021

Raised bed gardening is an efficient and convenient way to start gardening. You can create a wonderful vegetable plot in your garden with the help of these beds. Here are a few of the aspects to consider which can aid you in making a raised vegetable garden.

Benefits of raised bed gardening

Raised bed gardening can be helpful in different ways. From being a convenient way to plant crops to an easy way for organising, there is a lot to consider. Here are some of the benefits.

·   Create diversity

You can grow different plants in raised gardens, including vegetables, fruits, and flowering plants. You can focus on creating diversity with ease using this method of gardening.

·   Overcome issues of pests and weeds

Here, you can protect your garden from different types of pests, including slugs and snails. You can also keep away poultry and other animals from destroying the plants. Personally, I think you should aim for taller beds that you initially envisage, for all sorts of reasons, especially if you are a sufferer of back pain like me. It makes gardening so much more pleasant.

When it comes to weeds, you can remove them with ease while working with a raised bed. You can spot them and pluck them. Then just leave them on top of the earth to dry out, as the worms will soon take them down into the ground where they will decompose (the weeds, not the worms!)

·   Improves soil quality

With raised gardens, you can achieve two main things. They have a good soil structure that is totally within your control and an efficient drainage system. Through this, you can enhance soil fertility and moisture retention too. Apart from that, you can grow vegetables anywhere with these beds. 

If you live in an urban region or a place with poor soil quality, you can opt for these garden beds. Through this, you can enjoy gardening and gain better yield without any troubles. It is also an excellent solution for places that have soil contamination issues.

·   Makes gardening easy

You know that it is challenging to create a garden. However, with raised gardens, anyone can become a gardener. People with disabilities, elderlies, and children can now plant vegetables or fruits with ease, and enjoy the mental stimulation too, when they see things growing. Here, anyone can sow and harvest the crops without any troubles.

(Tip: Make enough space between your beds to walk down, or in the case of the infirm, enough space for a wheelchair).

·   Reduce waste

With a raised garden bed, you can add manure and compost created from organic scrap materials from the kitchen. You can reduce garden waste as you can use them as the base of these vegetable garden beds.

Raised bed construction

When you are constructing a raised bed for your garden, ensure that it is wide enough. It is best to opt for around four feet for that purpose. When it comes to the length, it is not a problem. It depends on your budget and the availability of space. 

For instance, if you have your garden in your backyard, you may not have a lot of space. So, you have to decide what to do based on your requirements.

However, you have to focus on the height. Ensure that it is more than six inches. You can even go above 18 inches as it will provide the plants with enough room to grow. 

raised bed vegetable gardening
Use any available space

When it comes to depth or height, you can also consider the type of plants you will be growing in the raised bed garden.

While you construct it, you can opt for untreated wood as it can be sturdy. There are other options like wood fibre. You can also purchase materials that you can assemble with ease. Old railway sleepers are great for this, although a little heavy. As an example,e take a look at UK Sleepers, who deliver all over the UK

you can buy raised bed kits, but in my experience, they are rather small, and rather flimsy too. Still, it is an alternative to consider.

Once you construct your bed, you have to create the base for the plants to grow. You can place garden waste or wood pieces to avoid water leaching and assist in its retention. I managed to get rid of a lot of rubble in my deepest bed, and that has good drainage.

The next step is adding soil to the bed. Here, you can use garden compost and manure to enhance its fertility. Ensure that you are creating a layer of mulch in the garden bed.

Note: Buy the best soil that you can afford, from somewhere like Garden Topsoil Direct

You can let the soil settle for a couple of days before you start planting crops.

Caring for plants in raised beds

Akin to any other garden, it is pertinent to take care of the raised beds. You have to feed and provide them with the required amount of nutrition.

When it comes to watering the garden bed, you can adopt different irrigation methods. Besides that, you can check the moisture level of the soil and water the plants based on the requirement. Adding mulch to the raised bed can act as an excellent solution for water retention.

You have to feed the soil from time to time to enhance its fertility and nutrients. There are different organic composts and manures you can use. 

Another factor that you should taken into consideration is the availability of sunlight. You can construct the raised garden bed in a position where there is exposure to sunlight.

These are some of the things to consider while you build a raised garden bed. Through this, anyone can garden with ease.

Here is our raised bed plot, to see if that gives you any ideas

raised beds
The wildflower garden is coming along – soon we will have flowers
raised beds
Our herb garden is at ground level

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