Teabags -8 Great Ways to Use Them in Your Garden

Teabags -8 Great Ways to Use Them in Your Garden

8 Ways to Use Teabags on Your Plants

Do you know that what is garbage in your kitchen is actually a treasure for your garden? Teabags are extremely beneficial when it comes to their unique uses in your garden, especially the veg plot. If you are intrigued to discover how to employ the use of teabags to assist with the growing of plants, read on to discover ways that you may not have thought of.

Let’s find out 8 ways to use tea bags garden when growing plants!

Make sure the teabags are compostable

Start Seedlings Off With a Teabag

As a starter, the first use of tea bags in your garden can be to grow seedlings in them. Press the seedlings into them and just let them grow. (Ensuring that you only use tea bags made from compostable material is essential).

You can plant seedlings grown in teabags directly into the ground. As such, there is no need to take them out of the teabag, provided that the teabag is made from natural material. 

Teabags Boost Acidity

All kinds of tea that contains tannic acid is useful to boost the acidity of the soil. It is especially useful for houseplants needing more acidity. The tannic acid in tea bags lower the soil’s pH level, and also provides some essential nutrients to plants. 

Nutrients in the tannic acid release into the soil slowly as the teabags decompose. So undoubtedly, tea leaves are useful for both indoor and outdoor plants! (It is even suggested that you wipe the leaves of infdoor plants with either the tea bags, or a cloth dipped in tea, to clean them and to keep pests away. give it a try).

  1. Add to Compost

Teabags can serve as valuable organic fertilisers. You can add tea bags to compost if the teabag itself is compostable. for example, did you know that Yorkshire teabags contain plastic, whereas PG Tips and Pukka teabags are entirely compostable? Using them will speed up the composting process. In addition, teabags encourage decomposing bacteria, and you can add them to compost at any time. The more the merrier!

Another added benefit of teabags is that the acidic tea leaves will quickly decompose other items like paper and food scraps.

I will re-iterate. Make sure the tea bags are compostable by reading the packet, or they can backfire and do more harm than good to the quality of your soil by putting plastic all over it.

  1. Prevent Pests

A valuable use of tea bags on your plants is to keep all kinds of pests, including aphids and slugs, at bay. In addition, they will protect your plants because the odour deters pests from chewing on them. 

Teabags are valuable for pests’ prevention, and the strong scent repels bigger animals like cats. 

  1. Improve soil

Teabags is a green method of disposal and great for plant health. They are an excellent addition to the compost. Teabags have around 4.15% nitrogen and many other essential nutrients great for improving soil health. 

Tea leaves improve soil structure and promote healthy drainage. There are two ways to benefit from tea: bury tea bags in the soil or apply tea leaves to the soil. 

  1. Boost weed suppression with teabags

If you are looking to boost weed suppression and moisture retention, adding tea bags to soil is valuable. It improves drainage and boosts the soil’s ability to maintain moisture. Besides, it increases earthworms in the soil and improves oxygen levels as well. 

One of its incredible benefits is boosting weed suppression, which is beneficial for your overall garden.

  1. Use It Instead of Water

When watering your plants, you can use brewed tea instead of water to enrich the soil with additional nutrients. It will not only provide nutrients to plants but also offer acidity to acid-loving plants. 

  1. Feed Worm Colony

Compostable tea bags are great for feeding worm colonies. Tea leaves or tea bags enhance the texture of the final vermicompost. It supports your indoor composting effort, and you won’t have to worry about feeding worm colonies.

Nutritional Tea Bags – A Simple Way to Improve Plant Health

Compostable tea bags are incredibly useful for your garden or plants. They contain nutrients that have fertilisation benefits and help improve soil structure. Their addition to compost or soil promotes healthier and more vigorous plant growth. 

So this is how to use tea bags garden growing plants effectively!

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