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I am Trevor. Together with my wife Karen, we have built numerous work from home ventures and have helped thousands of people make more income, by assisting them with the knowledge and experience that we have gained over the last 30 years.

We have 'retired' several times, as we no longer need to work. But we simply just can't sit around and do nothing. That's simply not us.

We love creating, exploring, writing, and helping people, without regard to the circumstances, finances, education or backgrounds. so every time we retired, we thought of another idea or project that we would dearly love to create.

To this end, we have created 'Grow your Own Secrets' where I can pass on my experiences with gardening which has always been my love and my passion and making an income from what is literally a 'homegrown' venture. I can think of nothing more magical than taking a seed that is as small as an ant and helping it to grow into a huge bountiful plant. Coupled with that,

I can think of nothing more satisfying than taking something that you have nurtured and raised and either consuming it to save money and be healthy and/or receiving a financial reward for it if you do intend to sell your plants and produce.. Join us and let's share our experiences, and our passion, for a mutual benefit.

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